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Manhole Covers & Gully Grates to EN124

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  • Brand   GX
  • Model   GX
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    Manhole Covers & Gully Grates to EN124...


Short Descritpion

Manhole Covers & Gully Grates to EN124

A wide range of sizes and applications available from stock:

Standard Galvanised Steel Covers
complete with Polypropylene Frames
Available from stock:

450mm x 450mm 5 Tonne
600mm x 450mm 2.5 Tonne
600mm x 450mm 10 Tonne

Square to Round Block Paving Covers
for 450mm Inspection Chambers

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Cover can be turned to match direction of paving
  • Integral lifting keys
  • Eliminates the need to cut paving round a circular opening
  • Galvanised to BS EN1461
  • Circular opening in frames fits all major PPIC inspection chambers
  • Internal Recessed Manhole Cover & Frame
    Sealed and locking

    The light duty tray cover suits a wide range of applications for both internal and external uses, and

    is ideal for a variety of floor coverings such as screed, carpet tiles and many more, leaving it

    virtually invisible to the eye.

    Available from stock in:

    300mm x 300mm  or  600mm x 450mm