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Widely used for GX Iron alloy casting Parts

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    Widely used for GX Iron alloy casting Pa...


Short Description:

GX Cast iron alloys are widely used in casting applications for their characteristics, such as strength, good strength to weigh ratio,

economical price, and availability in abundance, capability to produce complex geometries.

GX cast iron castings are used in a variety of applications, such as automotive, agriculture, appliance, and more.
Advantages in Casting:

  • A family of materials that is capable to meet a variety of engineering and manufacturing applications
  •  (the "family", includes - gray iron, ductile iron, compacted graphite iron, malleable iron, and white iron).
  • Capability of casting with inserts of other materials.
  • Capability to produce highly complex geometries and sections in variety of sizes.
  • Possibility to cast intricate shapes as well as very thin to very thick section sizes.
  • Good strength to weight ratio.
  • Generally economical than competing materials and relatively low cost per unit of strength than other materials.
  • Superior damping capacity, especially in Gray Irons.
  • Capability of redesigning and combining two or more parts from other materials into a single casting, thereby reducing assembly time and cost.
  • Different types of casting processes for low, medium or high production.
  • Variety of iron castings can be used without heat treatment (as cast) however, if required, they can be heat
  •  treated to improve the overall properties or specific properties such as surface hardness.