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Is a Rough Casting Part from Gravity Casting or Die Casting

2016-5-3 16:25:29      Click£º
Obviously, we can¡¯t say that a rough casting part is made from gravity casting or die casting. If judging it from its appearance, we can hardly identify this casting part that is made from gravity casting or die casting.

Basically, die castings are structural parts, but gravity casting parts are functional parts. Structural parts are opposite functional parts. The parts of die casting goes through high pressure, high temperature, strong strength, that is used to produce engine cylinder block, wheel hub, piston, brake shoes, pneumatic and hydraulic valve body etc. The parts of gravity casting are applied to produce door frame, instrument panel and engine enclosure group etc. 

If analyzing from materials, die castings are casting alloys. As for other band alloys, they are produced by squeeze casting process. The third way is according to the requirement for surface treatment of rough steel casting parts. Like aluminum die castings, there are black spots on surface of the materials because of the silicon and microscopic pores.

At the end, judge it from metallographic structure. It is relatively easy to distinguish die castings and gravity casting parts from their metallographic, the first is dendrite shape as-cast organization, the second is even broken grain forging state organization. 

There are lots of ways of solving this question. Anyway, if you have better method to figure out a rough steel casting product that is made from die casting or gravity casting, leave us a message at our website or send us an email, we will check out and reply you soon with awards.