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Round Manhole Cover Is More Protective

2016-3-21 11:17:59      Click£º
Manhole cover is the defense used to cover the deep well of the road or the house, to avoid the falling of people and stuff, but few people know why it is made in round shape.

Generally, manhole cover is divided into round manhole cover and square manhole covers. Round manhole cover is applied to highway of the urban area, for that it is a better way to ensure the safety of the people and vehicles.Round manhole cover has the diameters with same length through the center of its circle, however it is rolled up, it can¡¯t fall down into the well in that its diameter is longer than mouth of the well.

If applying square manhole cover, it is easy to cause serious damage, because square manhole cover has longer diagonals than each of its edges. When it is rolled up, it is easy to drop into the well along the diagonal.
What if changing the mouth of the well into round shape? The square manhole cover seems not so easy to fall down, but it may costs a lot material if making a cover bigger than the hole. In order to make most use of the materials and reduce the costs as well as make sure it safe, we would rather use round manhole cover than others. By the way, various manhole covers are for sale, you are welcomed to cooperate with us.