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The Functions of Heat-resisting Steel Casting

2016-4-18 10:19:27      Click
There are many ways to classify the heat-resisting steel castings, today we are going to introducing how they are classified by their functions. 

Steel casting is applied to industrial furnace. It is widely treated as heat exchanger, heater tube, retort and other heat-resisting parts in metallurgy, machinery, building materials as well as light industries except for reactor, power station boiler or petrochemical industrial furnaces. 

In metallurgy, 3100Cr25Ni203Cr24Ni7SiNRe、2Cr25Ni13 steel casting is also adopted for radiant tube, loading frame and chain belt in succession heating furnace that can control atmosphere. 

Bottom roller and radiant tube of furnace for heat treatment is made from high alloy heat-resisting steel centrifugal pipe. The commonly used brands are many, including 0Cr18Ni9、00Cr18Ni9、1Cr18Ni9Ti、0Cr17Ni12Mo2、00Cr17Ni12Mo2、3Cr24Ni7SiNRe、0Cr23Ni13、1Cr20Ni14、Cr25Ni20Si2、00Cr10Ni20Mo6Cu6、4Cr25Ni35NbW、70CrMoVBRe、 4Cr28Ni48W5Si2、3Cr26Ni4MnMoRe and so on.

Heat-resisting steel castings are also widely used into cement industry. The heat resistant steel chains in wet cement kiln preheating zone, large cement kiln gas cooler with perforated strainer plate, material hopper of cooling machine and so on are equipped with steel casting parts like