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Property of Investment Casting

2016-4-21 10:44:29      Click£º
Speaking of investment casting, we have made great progress in stainless steel castings by using it. It is featured by many amazing characteristics which could be summed up for three points. 

It just requires soluble mold and core at a time, it doesn¡¯t need to draw and mold, with no parting surface. By using coating paste to make shell, coasting will has good copy for wax mould. Then the liquid metal filing will become better too, if using hot shell casting.

Investment casting also has some defects. Many factors like complex process and many procedures badly effect the quality of casting parts, as well as various raw and auxiliary materials that can¡¯t control its quality either.

Because of the limits, it just fits to making small size castings. The long-time production cycle is its another shortness, moreover the cooling speed is very low, it is easy to cause big casting grains and carbon stainless steel casting will form a carbon-free surface layer.