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The Three Common Ways to Connect the Valve and Pipe

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Usually, valve is used to control the pipe and there are some easy ways to apply the valve to the pipe. These ways are threaded connection, flange connection and weld connection, but wafer and lug connection is used too.

Threaded connection

Threaded connection is also called screw joint. This way is usually applied to minor-caliber valve which is more economical than flange connection. When using the threaded connection, a tapered pipe thread will be applied to seal the joint as tightly as possible. 

Flange connection 

The valve for flange connection is easy to be disassembled and it fits the temperature from -273 to 815¡æ. As the flange connection adopts the bolt to fasten, and tightening torque that every single bolt needs is smaller than the relevant bolt joint, so the flange can deal with valve with any type of pressures and sizes. 

Weld connection 

Weld connection seems more reliable than other connection, which joint is not easy to leak and it can cope with pipe with any pressures and sizes. However, thrust reverser directional valve is difficult to be dismantled after welding and it is not suitable for weld materials.

Above all, these ways to apply valve to the pipe have both advantages and disadvantages. Today, they are used still to cope with any type of pipe assembling and stream controlling. With applying the high technology, we hope we could create more advanced valves and other steel casting products to deal with more difficult problems.