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What Are the Advantages of Stop Valve

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As one of the valves, stop valves is characterized by valve clack which moves along central line of valve seat. Stop valve mainly has the function of cutting off the stream or gas in the pipe line and its advantages are obvious to us that make our work to go smoothly. 

Stop valve is very wearproof in the process of opening and closing, which sealing surface has smaller force of friction than others and it has low small open height. Usually, stop valve only has one sealing surface and has a good manufacturing technique, it is easy to be prepared as well. 

As closing torque is bigger, the nominal diameter of stop valve is strict limited. Although, Stop valve is used widely, its nominal diameter is lower than 200mm because of the bigger closing torque and longer structure length. 

According to the position of thread in the valve rod, the valve can be divided into stop valve with upper thread and stop with lower thread. For upper thread stop valve, its valve rod can¡¯t be eroded by the medium and it is easy to be lubricated, but the lower thread stop valve does not have these advantages.