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What Are Features of Ball Valve

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The valve clack of ball valve is a globe which has a passageway in the center and rotates 90 degrees around its axis to close or open. Valve seat matched with the globe is round that bears the same pressure on the circumference.

Valve seat has same performance as the cock. It is just featured by its switching rapidly, so it falls into the category of plug valve. According to the different structure, the ball valve is divided into float ball valve and fixed ball valve. 

Ball valve has many features as fellow:

1. It is easy to operate and control. When ball valve is closed quickly, the valve element is easy to damage, so close it slowly.
2. It is easy to see the condition from valve handle.
3. It has small resistance and it is easy to produce for it has simple construction.
4. It has good sealability and sealing surface is not easy to scratch, if there is a leakage, repair it timely. 
5. All channel ball valve is not for adjusting fluids which doesn¡¯t have flow direction arrow , the same as brake valve.
Ball valve is usually applied to turn down and turn off promptly which can handle something with small resistance. It fit the medium like water and oil and some fluid like slurries and viscous fluid.
What is more, soft sealing ball valve is not for high temperature condition and it doesn¡¯t fit for very crude pipelines.