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GX Is Transforming and Upgrading for Stainless Steel Casting

2016-3-28 10:27:03      Click£º
GX has been exporting stainless steel casting abroad for years after entering 21st century. We have made great progress in casting industry, which casting quality and output is improved steadily and industry concentration is increased gradually. 

In order to become a new type casting industry, we attend to realize innovation in resource recycling and industry construction. Compared with casting industries in developed countries, we still have many things to surpass, so energy conservation and emission reduction will be our first aim to achieve. 

By the policy of innovation-driven, quality first,, green development, structure optimization, people oriented, with the principle of problem oriented, countless combination, collaborating innovation, breakthrough at key point, we are unremitting to resolve the problems that limits the development of customized manufacturing for casting products.

We are going to build a great platform for all casting industries. From now on, we are about to build perfect technological innovation system to become a big platform for casting manufacturing and trading. You are welcome to contact us for casting services or machining products, thanks!