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Principles of Choosing a Steam Valve

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Steam valve is Y type, which is applied to the medium of pipes. Also known as pneumatic angle seat valve, steam valve can control flow rate to save space. When choosing it, there are some basic principles which should be kept on. 

For high steam pressure a leakage through the thread housing and seat may occur, when the maximal absolute vapour pressure before steam (p1) gets to 1.5 bar (abs), choose to open valve. If the P1 is between 1.5 bar and 6 bar which is also called noncritical pressure drop-P2 (P2 > 0.45*P1), it is required to choose the steam valve of which body is made from ductile cast iron and steam valve plug the stainless steel casting. 

It is also suggested to choose the steam valve with ductile cast iron body and stainless steel casting steam valve plug, when the P1 is greater than 6 bar, but smaller than 16 bar in P2. The flow closed valve (VVF529 or VVF61) is the best choice, but it is not necessary. 

After the P2, if P1 is between 4 bar and 6 bar, it is the same to choose flow closed steam valve (VVF52_G or VVF61) with the ductile cast iron valve body and stainless steel valve plug. By the way, we are professional in casting steam valves, having more experience than others, if you want know something about it, just contact us.