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Construction Operation Technology for Sewer Cover

2016-4-28 10:12:20      Click£º
According to many years¡¯ experience in sewer cover construction, the thing that should be mentioned first is introduction of the operation technology of sewer cover on road in city, which will includes details of quality control standards, sewer covers protection and defects prevention.

Over the years, inspection wells of various pipelines are the vulnerable spot in road construction. Order connection between inspection walls and road buried many hidden troubles to the road engineering quality, which causes light damages, or the inspection well will sink by a large margin, if it goes worse. 

The hidden troubles will lead to series of traffic accidents. Order connection can cause smooth trip and make the road rough, which brings in inconvenience to pedestrians and vehicles, even an serious accident.

Now, there is no a set of perfect construction theory to solve these problems. As to handle and prevent all kinds of problems that may happen in practical engineering, it is badly in need of a theory of international sewer covers construction with practical engineering.