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Some Features of Die Mould

2016-4-11 10:02:10      Click£º
Die mould shows special features compared with injection mould which is used for stainless steel casting or other casting products. Literally, die mould must have more compression resistance, which template is thick enough in case of transformation. 

The pouring gate of die mould is different from injection mould¡¯s, for that it needs bypass taper to decompose high pressure of material flow. Its mould core doesn¡¯t need to quench either, the temperature can reaches to 700 degree in die cavity, so every molding, equivalent to quenching.

The corrosion of die mould is very aggressive, the surface is generally blued. The activites of the die mould has large fit clearance such as the core-pulling slider, because the high temperature will cause thermal expansion in the process of die casting, if fit clearance is small, it will be stuck.

According to different foundry technology, die mould is used to produce some products with these features. By leaning these features, it will help us to make most use of the die casting and avoid casting failure, to enhance productivity. We are looking forward to your enquiry of die casting service and products.