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What Are the Advantages of GX Steel Casting

2016-4-6 10:17:08      Click£º
Compared with forged steel parts, steel casting parts seem have more advantages. GX by these features of steel casting, continues to develop the technology and skills of it and we have already made great progress which makes steel casting more competitive that others¡¯. 

Designing flexibility of GX steel casting

This kind of designing has maximum freedom in choosing the shape and size of casting parts. Especially, for casting parts with complicated shape and hollow area, also steel casting can be made by special technology with core master pieces. 

GX steel casting is easy to be established and be transformed

It is easy to be established and be transformed which means that our experts can make the finished products fast according to drawing as well as quickly responding for inquiry to shorten delivery time. 

We can also provide different chemical components and organization structure to meet our customers with different requirements. Different technology for heating processing can apply to mechanical property and uses its attributes in a large range to improve the weldability and workability.