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How to Get Excellent Stainless Steel Castings

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Sand casting is the common way to make stainless steel castings, however, it is not easy to get good stainless steel castings by way of it. If you know much about the conditions on making stainless steel castings, you can get the expected stainless steel casting parts.

The first step you should do is to select superior, deoxy and high temperature resistant materials according to casting purpose, which has no detrimental impurity. The good molding materials must has these features, like high strength, crushing, breathability, fire resistance, heat conductivity and expansibility etc.

Then choose the correct molding process design and the process yield should be controlled 40%-70%. It is considered to be wise to give it the proper heat treatment, by doing that to enhance the mechanical property and eliminate residual stress relieving as well as improve machinability of the metal.

In order to get excellent stainless steel castings, you need to consider many conditions and factors that may influence the size of steel casting parts. These factors are shape, size and structures as well as mold shell and pouring technology.