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Common Senses about Steel Concrete Sewer Cover

2016-4-25 10:51:09      Click£º
Literally, steel concrete sewer cover is cast by steel and concrete equipped with framework of steel reinforcement. It is a vertical shaft built in a fixed distance above underground pipelines, having functions to connect, inspect and maintain pipelines and install other facilities.

The well seat fastened to the head part of the well is to install sewer cover. It can be made from steel concrete, as well as cast iron or steel plate. Apart from the well seat, the grade as fellow of cover should be noticed in case that sewer cover is used in a wrong place.

After learning the grades of sewer cover, the symbols on it should also be kept in mind. Permanent symbols on the surface of sewer cover includes four parts, the first is the exclusive symbols like waste, rain, electricity etc. The second is manufacturers¡¯ names or their brands, the third is grades like F900, E600 etc. The Fourth is the date of manufacture on the bottom of sewer cover. 

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